Church Health Coaching

Churches that are surviving and thriving have certain qualities in common, whatever their differences in tradition and style. NCD research has identified 8 quality areas that are crucial to developing a healthy church.

Over 80,000 churches world-wide have now used the NCD Church Survey to assess the strength of  these characteristics in their congregation. The leaders and members can then take actions, with God’s help, to improve in these areas. The Church Survey is simple to administer and has proven to be a powerful tool to help churches get better – and, for many, to grow numerically.

Ralph Bowles is highly experienced in helping Australian churches (Anglican) to use NCD resources to get healthier. He offers three levels of support:

NCD Orientation package: A 6 months commitment. Churches get an analysis of their NCD Church Survey results delivered to key leaders (1.5-2 hrs); 1 coaching follow-up session, 6 months after the survey. Surveys can be purchased through Focus Energies Coaching.

NCD Cycle package: A 12 months commitment. Churches receive support through the whole NCD Church Health Quality Cycle: surveying, analysis, consultation with leaders, phone support, and 4 coaching sessions at 3 month intervals. A Church Health Action Plan is developed, aiming at significant improvements in key areas, to boost growth potential.

NCD 3 Spheres Transformation package: A 3 year journey through renewal of church health, discipleship health and transformed impact on the community outside the church. The full range of NCD tools will be deployed: the Church Survey; Discipleship Tools (church health qualities on an individual level); and the Oikos Evangelism module to help members engage fruitfully with their community networks. The goal of the 3 Spheres process is to help churches move beyond the early fruits of NCD use, to realize deeper change in the spiritual health of the heads, hearts and hands of church members.