Coaching is Empowering Others

Hi, I offer trained coaching help for individuals or leadership teams wanting to move forward more effectively toward their goals.

My special focus and passion is to help Christian churches become healthier and thus more likely to survive and thrive under God.

For my Church Health Coaching, I use the tools and strategies of Natural Church Development. I am serving as NCD Australia’s Anglican Consultant.

I invite you to look at the ways I can help you as a consultant or coach.

Please get in touch if you want to move forward with my help.

We will start with a no-obligation, free chat to see if we each decide that we will be able to move ahead together.

You will see that I offer a range of consultations and coaching packages, with room to tailor to fit your needs.

I am able to help you remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Let’s talk!

Ralph G. Bowles