Church Health Consultations

NCD Consultations

Church teams that want help to become more effective in leadership can ask for a consultation service.

Ralph Bowles is an experienced Church Health Coach, who serves as NCD Australia’s Anglican Consultant. He brings experience and knowledge of approaches that can strengthen local church teams. With nearly 20 years of practitioner experience of using Natural Church Development, he can guide a church leadership team to make the best use of this suite of research-based tools for developing their church’s health.

NCD has a growing tool box of research-based resources addressing key areas of church life (such as spiritual gifts, leadership development, effective organisation, loving relationships, evangelism, and spirituality).

There is much more to NCD than its famous Church Survey. Other NCD  pathways to improving your church’s vitality are available.

Natural Church Development tools will identify the strengths and growth areas of your church that are related to the potential for growth in quality (health) and quantity (growth). The goal is to remove hindrances to the growth that God can give.

Ralph can arrange for one of the church health assessments to be completed, and will then provide a guided interpretation of the results to church leaders (2hrs)

This may be followed by a coaching agreement to move application forward.