Personal Coaching

As a trained coach affiliated with CoachNet South Pacific, Ralph offers personal coaching to individuals who want to think through particular issues of their choice.

An initial interview (at no cost) allows both parties to decide if the coaching relationship is likely to work effectively.

We will talk about where you are right now, and what are your hopes and goals. Then we can start to work out a coaching journey to help you get to your desired outcome.

Coaching can be offered with a Christian focus or without, depending on client preference.

Coaching is usually delivered by phone or skype, on the schedule of one session (1 hour) per month.

Coaching is client-focussed in agenda and process. The assumption is that the client has the potential to move forward effectively, with the clarifying, supportive help of the coach.

Clients work out a coaching agreement with the coach to work on a particular issue for an agreed number of sessions.

A special focus is working with Christians who want help to clarify their thinking, develop good plans and carry them through.

Ralph also offers coaching for teams that want to have help in dealing with planning challenges. A specific application is coaching church leadership teams using the Natural Church Development suite of church health tools.