Spiritual Growth Coaching

For Christians who are looking for help to explore their spiritual growth, Ralph Bowles offers coaching-style guidance through a range of important growth dimensions, including Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual gifts, Spiritual Styles, the Christian life as Pilgrimage, and Spiritual Warfare.

The coaching is premised on a mainstream, orthodox Christian perspective and the focus of the sessions is decided by the client.

The goal is to help the client discern how to develop and grow in his or her relationship with God.

The length and scope of the coaching period is by mutual agreement. Discounts are available for theological students.

“Ralph’s coaching is grounded in the Scriptures. He focuses you to reflect on and self-identify areas that need some correction, and discovering emerging gifts that you may not have been aware of. Ultimately, he guides you into a deeper trust and reliance upon the Holy Spirit.” Reverend Peter Jeffery