Introducing Ralph Bowles

Ralph Bowles has been an ordained Anglican minister for nearly 40 years and has served as the senior minister in several churches.

Ralph is a trained NCD Coach with 20 years of experience in using these resources.

For eight years (2009-2017), Ralph led a Church Health Project in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane (Southern Queensland), Australia, using Natural Church Development. This involved participation of 40% of the Diocese, and saw significant improvements in the health and vitality of these congregations.

“Ralph brings an enormous amount of diagnostic and change process experience to the table, and does so with a spirit of hope-filled graciousness that lifts our eyes as to what could be.” Adam Johnstone, Director, NCD Australia and NCD International.

Ralph is also  a trained coach with CoachNet South Pacific. He is interested in helping anyone (not just church leaders) to reach their potential.

“Ralph Bowles helped me work out how to make better use of the hours in each week as I sought to improve my business processes. His thoughtful manner and perceptiveness are encouraging and empowering.” Belinda Pollard, Publishing Consultant, Small Blue Dog Publishing.

Ralph’s other coaching focus is his work with churches to improve their financial stewardship ministry.